Your plants are finally protected.

We know the hardest thing growers face is maintaining high-quality crops when infestations are lurking everywhere. Agent Herb wants you to breathe easy knowing your crops have Agent Herb on its side, the cleanest plant cleanser and cultivator in agriculture and horticulture. 

The Undercover Cleaner

Meet Herb. Agent Herb.

He makes sure harmful factors like powdery mold and mildew never see the light of day on your crops. And he does it with three unsuspecting from-the-earth ingredients: salt + water + electricity.


No VOCs, fragrances, alcohol, petrochemicals or sulfates


Simple, accessible ingredients responsibly sourced

Patented eco-technology

Shelf stable solution that’s effective for years vs. days


Clean nature with nature.

When an electrical current passes through salt water, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is born. HOCl cleans unwelcome plant guests and is so safe you can inhale deeply without worrying about side effects. As Agent Herb’s active ingredient, HOCl uses its power to cleanse any unwelcome plant guest that crosses its path.

Fun fact: Scientists have known of HOCl’s powerful cleansing properties for more than 100 years, but it wasn’t until recently that our team of chemists found a way to make it shelf stable and practical to market. 

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Healthier. Cleaner. Greener.

When your plants thrive, your business thrives. With Agent Herb, you can spend more time worrying about getting your product in the right hands and less time on quality control.

Safe for people, plants & planet
100% non-toxic
Fragrance & dye-free
Biodegradable & ozone safe
Non-allergenic & gentle on skin

Increase efficiency. Reduce waste.

When you use Agent Herb with our electrostatic sprayer, you cover more surface area faster while using less product. The sprayer adds an additional charge to the solution that makes it magnetic to every leaf and stem in its path.

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